Oops I tentacled again (2019)

Exhibited as part of the group-exhibition:
The World Without Me, GIBCA EXTENDED (2019), Lilla Galleriet, KKV Bohuslän
Leo Larsson, Adam Haugbak, Isabella Kalén, Fanny Fermelin /Lasse Berlok, Marie Flarup Kristensen, Andreas Sandberg

Oops I tentacled again (2019)
fabric, gouache, video

My body took a free-drop
down down down down and up we swim
so so
sad dry feeling
A shell is breathing
A beach is crying
salty salty salty waters
skinny legs and

Good vibrations

through my whole body
(w)hole body
summerdays have surely been kind to my skin and I am feeling the desire to wear purple again.


The World Without Me – Installation view

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